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PT. BANIA SUMBER MAS is an integrated enterprise service providers ranging from Labor Supply, Office Supplies Provider catering service to offices and Industry and the Education Center & Manpower Training, Man Power Supply, Recruitment & Placement Service, which is authorized professional founded since October 10, 2014 based on notarial act Nani Fitriyah, SH On October 10, 2014 and ratified by Decree No. Menkumham October 13, 2014. The establishment of the company is to adapt to the Employment Act No. 13 of 2003 is positioned as a top notch company with a clear Out Sourcing, which in one clause requires a company to be incorporated as Perseroan Terbatas

PT. BANIA SUMBER MAS is the development of Yayasan TSARAH Bania founded in July 7, 2007 by Decree No. Menkumham engaged in education and training services and then scaled back its status to a limited liability company which aims to bridge the interests between the service users as consumers of labor with the job applicants.

PT. BANIA SUMBER MAS as an integrated service provider from the security service, cleaning service and other jobs supply also wholesale of office supply and equipments and catering for employees, making it easier for clients to get a good services so that our clients can concentrate more on their core business activities. This can make it easier for the users to take control and get cost-efficiency benefits. As such, our clients become more competitive but profesional.

The presence of PT. Bania Sumber Mas is also abbreviated BASUMA SERVICE has provided vast employment opportunities to anyone who needs a job commensurate with their skills, education levels and other qualifications. In order to develop the business activities, PT. BANIA SUMBER MAS has established several business units, which until now has been growing over time and management company that has been experienced in the field of Security Service, Cleaning Services, Job Supply, Catering Services and Provider for Tools Stationery and liable as worthy partner in cooperation with companies in need of services procurement and workforce management and security at the same time the supply of office equipment and catering for employees.
Taking into account the level of human resource needs, whether industrial, property and so on at the moment is a very absolute necessity and to address these challenges, the PT. Bania Sumber Mas always promotes the best service so that the service users can experience the benefits and profits are maximized.

PT. BANIA SUMBER MAS is supported by well-trained workforce, dedicated, and professional responsibility, plus an instructor as well as a working system that has been prepared based on the environmental conditions that exist in the service user.
In short, PT. Bania Sumber Mas is very ready to meet the need for services to anyone, whether for personal, domestic or private entities, as well as housing, anytime, anywhere and in any conditions.


To be professional, reliable, competent and stable growth company in serving our clients with high quality products for mutual benefits


Committed to continuous improvement and innovation through competent and qualified employees

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